a cutting edge micro-emulsion metalworking fluid for the most demanding aluminum and ferrous operations.

QUAKERCOOL® 7450 is designed to provide the lubrication needed for demanding and more critical aluminum and multi-metal machining such as tapping, deep hole drilling and reaming.


  • Best in class tapping & reaming on 356-T6 Aluminum
  • Longer tool life from advanced lubricity package
  • Premium surface finish on aluminum and stainless steel alloys
  • Extended sump life from enhanced bio-resistance package
  • Exceptional emulsion stability over a wide range of water hardness
  • Economical. Runs well at lower than normal concentrations
  • No chlorinated paraffinic additives
  • Great operator acceptance


  • Concentrate Appearance: Clear yellow to amber fluid
  • Density: 8.18 lbs/gal
  • Flash Point: 100°C / 212°F
  • Odor: Pleasant, Amine-like
  • In-use pH: 9.2 - 9.6
  • Refractometer factor: 1.1

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Package Sizes:

320 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails.