an established performer on heavy-duty synthetic machining and grinding operations involving high alloy steel, carbon steel, and cast iron.

QUAKERCOOL® 2776 is based on proprietary "bock co-polymer" technology featuring inverse solubility that reacts to the hat of the metal to provide instant lubrication. Excellent on difficult ferrous operations, and suitable for light duty operations on cast and wrought aluminum.  


  • Low to no foam in soft water
  • Excellent cleanliness on parts and machines
  • Rejects tramp oil easily
  • Excellent corrosion resistance on ferrous alloys at 3%
  • Meets SCAQMD 2012 requirments under Rule 1144
  • Used by Bosch, Caterpillar, GM Powertrain, JTEKT, Tenaris


  • Concentrate Appearance: Clear light yellow fluid
  • Density: 8.80lbs/gal
  • Flash Point: 100°C / 212°F
  • Odor: slight amine
  • pH @5%: 9.6
  • VOC @ 10% (ASTM E1868-10 TGA): 9.0 g/L, 0.08 lbs/gal
  • Refractometer factor: 2.0

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320 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails.