QA News Digest - Vol 3.4

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is no stranger to innovation, as it got its start as an R&D location for the US navy. Crye Precision is one of the newcomers, moving there in 2002 and is emblematic of the way the Navy Yard has changed, as it is an advanced manufacturing company that makes high-tech body armour for the military. The Navy Yard and similar projects provide a blueprint for manufacturing in large cities.

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QAdvantage Administrator
QA News Digest - Vol 3.3

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Machine Shop Efficiency. Machine shops today have a lot of moving parts, and a lot of these ideas and processes need to be optimized so that they work together. Whether it's keeping processes up to date, adjusting workflow, investing in maintenance, or even upgrading machine tools, there are many steps that can be taken to increase the productivity of a machine shop. For machining applications, QAdvantage offers the QUAKERCOOL® series of industrial coolants, which increase tool life and reduce long term associated costs. 

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